Educating the system. From the N word to advocacy.

Last year an elected school board official in Ontario, Canada, called Charline Grant the N-word. Then that official refused to resign and blamed ‘old age’ and ‘dementia’ for her use of the N-word.  Charline battled the school board until a resignation happened and then she took it upon herself to run for School Trustee.  She’sContinue reading “Educating the system. From the N word to advocacy.”


Self love as told by an ant, a hill and a house for sale

It can be hard finding great children’s books right? I think I found one. I love books with a positive lesson. For me, the new book Anthill For Sale is about leaning to value and love yourself when others don’t. You can’t go wrong with message like that. And the illustrations are gorgeous too. @bigbellyubookco #PB #kidlit #amreading #parenting #family # love #childrenliteracy Read more


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